CEO Headquarters

As CEO you stand alone, but that doesn’t mean you need to be isolated. CEO Headquarters brings CEO’s together in a professional forum where you can exchange ideas and solutions with your peers. CEO Headquarters is focused purely on one objective: to leverage the power of networking to help you achieve your goals. By creating cross-industry teams of CEO’s with complementary interests and strengths, you no longer have to work in isolation.

CEO Headquarters provides an environment where you can discuss strategic plans and burning issues with full confidentiality. It provides a proven framework for networking and a positive environment for developing breakthrough thinking.

Find out what other CEO’s are really focused on. Discover leading trends before they become popularised. Separate the hype from the reality, and make the best decisions for your business. CEO HQ offers you:

  • a networking and resource centre for CEO’s
  • 8 half day meetings per year
  • introduction to world class frameworks used by multinationals on creating sustainable business growth