Mindful Leadership

Wellness Benefits

Studies with military and police personnel, IT professionals, special education teachers, accident and emergency nurses and elite sports players demonstrate improvements in wellness and performance after just eight weeks of mindfulness practise.

Wellness improvements include reduced rumination, neuroticism, depression and angry hostility. Wellness improvements also include increased life satisfaction, self-esteem, vitality, longevity and self-actualisation.

Performance Benefits

Workplace specific research in mindfulness also demonstrates performance related benefits including improved cognition, competence, creativity, attention, memory, time- affluence, ethical decision- making, enhanced relationship quality, reduced burnout and increased risk-management.

Leader mindfulness has also been linked to increased employee performance and wellbeing.

Program Overview | 10 Week course

The program uses mindfulness theory and practise to deliver performance and wellness benefits to leaders. Over thirty years of research in industries as diverse as elite sports, police, medical, IT and education demonstrates this. Expect practise sessions and discussion to enable transfer from intellectual learning to experiential benefits. Expect a stimulating and personally enriching journey to enhance your leadership practise and achieve organisational goals.


Senior Leaders with people management responsibilities.


You will self-assess on a number of scales to learn more about your developing mindfulness skills. Your individual assessments are personal learning documents and are not shared publicly.

Participant Package

You will receive paper-based assessments, an online assessment and report, a strengths card-deck, a book – ‘Mindfulness in Plain English’, a mindfulness practise journal, Mindful Leadership fact sheets, and a range of recommended Apps to guide your practise.


Build your toolkit to lead and manage in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous era of disruption.

Gain personal experience of mindfulness and mindful leadership amidst a cohort of peers facing similar business challenges.

Develop mindful leadership to support performance, agility, engagement and wellness in your workforce.

Program Logistics
9x two hour sessions delivered weekly
2x individual coaching sessions
1x focus group facilitating identification and collection of group learnings
Daily self-managed practise sessions ranging from 5 – 30 minutes