What our clients say

Isabelle has proactively brought positive psychology concepts to leaders in our industry sector through design and implementation of a strengths based leadership development program. Isabelle trains our client base to build leadership capacity and to retain high performers in the sector for the future. In the short term better leadership is creating healthier workplaces. The clients who participate come from a number of organisations and hold positions from manager to CEO. They experience personality assessments and 360 feedback, outstanding training and individual coaching over a 9 month period that creates sustainable behavioural transformation.
Andrew McCallum, CEO ACWA

Isabelle was always able to assist me with creative ways of addressing areas of leadership in which I needed improvement. By working through these models I was able to develop great strategies to assist my staff and improve my coaching and mentoring skills. I developed a much greater self awareness from using her models.
Janene Eagleton, NSW General Manager Australian Unity

Ms Isabelle Phillips has worked with me in the capacity of Leadership Coach since August 2008. Ms Phillips has provided me with expert guidance in leading a substantial workplace change process. Of particular note, has been the evidence base for the strategies that we likely would discuss during our sessions. As an academic, I was most interested in receiving citation information of this nature. I found Ms Phillips to be up-to-date and very knowledgeable in her field.
Professor Sandy Middleton RN PhD Director, Nursing Research Unit, St Vincents and Mater Health Sydney Director, National Centre for Clinical Outcomes Research (NaCCOR), Australian Catholic University (ACU National)

Isabelle is an insightful business coach, who is a truly exceptional, world class group trainer and facilitator. My experience of her training demonstrated to me how Isabelle successfully achieves a supportive and a creative environment. Isabelle guides and empowers individuals to reach their own insights, supporting them to stretch and to experiment with new knowledge and skills. Especially where there was reticence or uncertainty about acquiring new knowledge she created strategies to address challenges and allow the learners to generate new blueprints for a fantastic future. Congratulations Isabelle and my personal thanks to you.
Sandra Berghofer Solicitor - A.R. Connelly and Co

Isabelle has had a major impact on our business. She has worked with both the management and consulting team within our company with exceptional results. Her work with the leadership team has been invaluable and has had a significant impact on the all important bottom line whilst at the same time delivering new learnings to the team. Isabelle is an important part of our business.
Paul Price, CEO People Connect

Isabelle provides leadership coaching to our practise managers in NSW and QLD. We also use Mackerel Sky for training all staff on outstanding client service. In the year since we have worked with Mackerel Sky we have formalised high quality recruitment, selection and onboarding procedures, grown our teams and our client base. Isabelle has assisted our business growth in a fast yet sustainable way.
Nicole Bell, CEO, Face Today Mediclinics

I was very nervous about attending the Leadership Course but Isabelle created an environment where each member of the group felt that they were able to be open and honest. She helped us to examine both our strengths and weakness and to work to accept them. She also helped us to outline a plan on how to work to improve on our areas for further development, which involved slowly and positively modifying behaviour. I found her manner, approach and the content of her training and individual coaching at all times relevant and professional and have implemented many of the things I learnt.
Olga Raftos Resource Team Manager – Sapphire Technologies